Assembling Hidrau Model Bench

To assemble a Hidrau Model bench:

  1. Unpack seat, stand, feet, bag with 4 hex bolts, and hex wrench.

    Unpacked seat, stand, feet, and hardware
  2. Attach stand to underside of seat.

    Attaching stand to seat
  3. Attach feet to stand. If the bolts are held by a rubber band, remove the rubber band.

    Attaching feet to stand
  4. Turn upside down and admire results of your hard work.

    Assembled bench
  5. Place in front of favorite piano and enjoy the tilted seat, soft but supportive seat cushion, and instant vertical adjustment! No more extra cushions for your youg students—the seat extends high enough even for your youngest pianists!

    Bench at the piano

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