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Pianos Inside Out A rebuilder, pianist, and author of Pianos Inside Out, Mario Igrec, RPT, MM strives to provide an uncompromised musical experience in a quality grand piano of any age. Guided by the sensibilities of a piano player, but applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies in a rigorous process, Mario provides predictable and highly musical results.

  • Maintenance: Best Practices
    Your piano is one of the most valuable objects you own. What to do and not to do to keep it in excellent condition for years to come.
  • Why Pianos Go Out of Tune
    Are those tuning pegs slipping or is something else causing your piano to go out of tune? Why are seasonal changes so tough on the piano?
  • Restoration or Rebuilding?
    What is the difference between a piano restoration and rebuilding? When is one approach more appropriate than the other?
  • What Causes Poor Repetition?
    The control and speed of repetition is limited in vertical pianos. But why does your grand action repeat so poorly?
  • How Do I Get My Piano Moved?
    Why moving your piano yourself is not a good idea and what your options are. What kind of movers to call and why.
  • My Piano Plays Like a Truck
    What causes this common complaint, how to distinguish between two types of 'heavy' touch, and what you can do about it.
  • Can Keyboard Noises Be Musical?
    Some manufacturers have done everything to damp noises generated by the keys. Is that the best approach?
  • How Do I Clean My Piano?
    What products to use and how to clean the case, ivory key tops, the plate, and the soundboard under the strings.